Using information to drive performance through

  • Cloud deployment & online solutions
  • Enhancing existing systems
  • Outcomes aligned with ISO55000 & IIMM

Access to information allows staff to do their job more effectively.

Our approach is that good information shouldn’t be software dependant, which means deployment to all stakeholders instead of a few. Could be more than one solution being determined by the needs of the business instead of a software.

In turn, asset managers are better able to manage levels of service and the communities expectation through an efficient management system.

Data processed and treated in accordance with Industry Standards:

New Zealand Pipe Inspection Manual. 2006 3rd Edition.

Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia. WSA 05-2008 & 2013.

United Kingdom WRC Sewer Condition Classification 5th Edition

Data Management

Data Management

Asset Management

Asset Management

Our services help you manage risks instead of taking them.
Plan for the future in a sustainable way and seeing beyond day to day operations.

Outcomes aligned with ISO55000 & International Infrastructure Management Manual.