Having access to data is one thing, but processing it and utilising it to drive business performance is another – and it’s a resource that many utilities are failing to make the most of.

Utility authorities are often data rich   and information poor,  the real value lies in being able to turn this data into  meaningful accessible information – that’s where we come in.

Working with ReticManager will help you achieve:

  • Better management of forecasting and achieving SLA.
  • Business solutions and outcomes that benefit the whole business.
  • Make the most of existing available data.
  • Create certainty with expenditure.
  • Asset management decisions made easier.
  • Data integration with existing asset management and GIS software.
  • Effective business solutions aligned  with ISO 55000 & IIMM

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Data Management

Data Management

Asset Management

Asset Management


Outcomes & Solutions

Our services help you manage risks instead of taking them.
Plan for the future in a sustainable way and seeing beyond day to day operations.

Outcomes aligned with ISO55000 & International Infrastructure Management Manual.