Data Management

Access data to start driving greater business performance through

  • Data consolidation
  • Post processing¬†condition data for
    • Pipelines
    • Manholes
    • Outlets
  • Subdivision compliance
  • Coding and auditing inspections
  • CCTV contractor training

Information is raw data that has been processed.

CCTV operations are a part of either planned work or due to reactive maintenance. They tend to focus on the pipe condition rather than asset data and fail to capture valuable asset data.

CCTV inspections can capture data not normally provided. Our philosophy is to support the CCTV activity so that the clients achieve the most from the operation.

Asset Management

Asset Management


Outcomes & Solutions

Our services help you manage risks instead of taking them.
Plan for the future in a sustainable way and seeing beyond day to day operations.

Outcomes aligned with ISO55000 & International Infrastructure Management Manual.