About Us

The team at ReticManager is driven by three core values – excellence, integrity and commitment. These three values are represented in every interaction we have with our customers and various stakeholders, and it is this unwavering commitment to excellence that has ensured we have a longstanding reputation for delivering great service and results.

To us, these three values represent:


  • The wisdom to prepare thoroughly
  • Commitment to delivering high quality results to our clients
  • Steady, controlled and robust processes
  • Continually developing new capabilities


  • Honesty in all that we do
  • An attitude of gratitude which is reflected in our actions
  • Regularly creating time to share accumulated wisdom within the group


  • Doing what we say we will do
  • Relishing the challenge of ‘it can’t be done’ – yes it can!
  • Accepting accountability for our own actions and results



Data Management

Data Management

Asset Management

Asset Management


Outcomes & Solutions

Our services help you manage risks instead of taking them.
Plan for the future in a sustainable way and seeing beyond day to day operations.

Outcomes aligned with ISO55000 & International Infrastructure Management Manual.